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Security Update Newsletter - 29 Jan 2005

Security Update Newsletter

29 Jan 2005

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New format
I've Been Busy...
Microsoft Updates
Service Pack 2 (SP2) Pretty Much Ready, but install it anyway


This is the first newsletter in this new format. I've put it into a
text-only version due to the complaints I've had about anti-SPAM
filters blocking previous pretty versions, so hopefully this will do
the trick.

Let me know what you think!


Boy, have I been busy. Many of the list's subscribers first met me
via my radio appearances. I've been on various radio shows for three
years as of next month -- hard to believe it's been that long. Now
I've stepped things up.

I now have my own weekly radio show, called Tech Talk With Craig
Peterson, with its own web site, too. Visit if you'd like to
checkout the show's contents, etc. This three-hour show gives me the
opportunity to share my opinions and knowledge about all forms of
technology, including security. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and
the show is setting all kinds of records -- which makes it even more
fun :-)

I've also released an eBook that I published last year. I sold out my
first fun of 1,500 of the hard-copy books and decided that the
information was so important to get out that I put it into an eBook to
help keep the costs down. It provides all kinds of security
information for families, and it an absolute must-have! To find out
more, visit

I've got a few more things in the works, so life remains exciting!

Talk with you again soon,



Microsoft Updates

Well, Microsoft has been busy again, and hasn't been particularly

Microsoft's latest security move is to buy a small security software
company and announce they'll be getting into the antivirus
business. But as the originator of the same security-deficient
software that has made so many viruses, trojan and worms possible.
The big question is: Is Microsoft's AntiVirus Strategy Secure?

Right now, the answer is a definitive NO! According to various tests
that people have performed on infected systems it's become quite
obvious that Microsoft's new anti-virus and anti-spyware software is
not yet ready for prime-time. Don't trust it with your systems, at
least not yet.

If history is an indicator of the future, we should expect Microsoft
to have some pretty good software to help protect its operating
systems within the next few years, but for now keep on doing what
you've been doing.

Visit and for some good pointers.
There are also quite a few good articles on the site that summarize
what you should be doing.


Service Pack 2 (SP2) Pretty Much Ready

Microsoft has got SP2 to the point where it won't destroy your
machine. Due to their announcements that you will have to have it on
your machine, there's not much of a choice.

Most people who have installed SP2 recently have not have a lot of
problems with it, however do be prepared. In the worst case scenario,
expect your machine to become unusable which will require you to
re-install Windows. In this case, go ahead and install SP2 BEFORE you
install any other software. It will save you alot of grief!


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