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Security Update Newsletter - 8 Feb 2005

Security Update Newsletter

8 Feb 2005

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Who's Craig?
Letter from Craig
Microsoft Updates
Voice Over IP (VoIP)
More SPAM Bad News


Who's Craig?

R. Craig Peterson is a Computer and Network Security Consultant, Talk Show Host, Author and professional Speaker with over 20 years of experience. His client list numbers over 5,000 businesses, he has published dozens of articles and booklets, appears weekly on his own radio show, and has had multiple television appearances. With more than thirty years of computer experience he has dealt with most technologies.


Things in the security world continue to get more interesting. You
might remember that I've been busy writing a security eBook which went
on sale a few weeks ago. There are now more than 1,500 of them in
circulation with more on the way.

I've also been very busy putting together a new Safe Kids System,
which will be available for sale later this week. This system
includes everything you need to keep your kids safe on line. It's
good, too, for families without kids who are unsure about how they
should be keeping themselves safe when they're on line. I'll let you
know just when its available and how to get it.

I've been working with more companies to get their Internet marketing
up to snuff. I've helped more than 5,000 companies get on line over
the years, but being able to sell things and position yourself
correctly has become harder and harder. I've pretty much got it down
to a science now. You might want to look me up (R. Craig Peterson) on
Google or most other search engines. I come up right at the top
now. Before I started the work to get good listings I couldn't be
found in the first 10 pages (I didn't look any further -- I was so
depressed). In fact, if you leave the R out you'll still find me
pretty quickly. Add security to the word mix and I'm right up there.

If you know anyone who needs to improve their sales, put them in touch
with me. I guarantee I can help.

Talk with you again soon,



Microsoft Updates

Ok, make sure you're sitting down. Microsoft has released patches for
dozens of problems associated with Windows 2000, XP, Windows Server
2003, Windows 98 and Windows ME. I guess this shouldn't come as any
surprise, but many of these patches fix some pretty nasty problems.

You'll want to visit to find out
the details.

Also, make sure you visit to get
the latest patches for your machine. With the exception of Service
Pack 2 for Windows XP, you should find everything installs without any

Visit and for some good pointers.
There are also quite a few good articles on the site that summarize
what you should be doing.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is Gaining Ground

Once thought as a toy for the techno-nerds, VoIP has become more and
more popular in the business world. With a cost that's a fraction of
what the local phone company charges, using your broadband Internet
connection is becoming a better way to save money.

Major corporations are turning off their land-line wired phones and
are switching to wireless communications options. Some companies have
even found that using Cell phones is cheaper than the good old copper
wires. Others are using the Internet's VoIP options in combination
with Cell phones (numerous cell phone manufacturers are releasing cell
phones with build-in VoIP which will kick in automatically when it
finds a wireless network).

The biggest concern about VoIP comes from, surprise, the security
angles. Many of the laws regarding the integrity of the data being
hauled over these networks are ambiguous, as are the heavy taxes which
have been placed on telecommunications companies in the past. It's
much easier for a malicious hacker to tap into your Internet
connection or monitor your wireless network than it is to tap into the
phone company's lines going into your business.

Some VoIP services, such as Skype, provide encrypted communications
which allow you to secure your conversations. Skype, however, only
works well when you're talking to another Skype user.

Over time we'll see some strong encryption standards developed for the
VoIP market. Until then, buyer beware.

I've been using VoIP technology in business for more than 5 years. If
you have any questions about VoIP, or need any help, let me know. I'd
be glad to help out.


More SPAM Bad News

The Consortium of Anti-Spyware Technology vendors (COAST) has now lost
all of its founding members. This can't be good.

Each of the members have cited different reasons for leaving, and in
fact the consortium started breaking apart last fall. "[We] believe
the organization no longer has the ability to create a consensus for
effective anti-spyware standards," says Sam Curry, a vice president at
Computer Associates, in a statement.

The anti-SPAM Can-SPAM act went into effect more than a year ago, yet
SPAM is up a full 50% since early 2004.

I don't see an end to this nasty SPAM stuff!

There are some good platforms available to help eliminate the SPAM.
At Mainstream we receive about 20,000 emails per day -- the vast
majority of them are SPAM. My personal mailbox receives between 2 to
5 thousands emails per day. Through the use of some of our customized
anti-SPAM solutions, we're able to keep my SPAM levels down to a
couple of dozen per day. Let me know if we can help you out, too!


This newsletter is (c)Copyright 2005, DGKL, Inc.
Any questions, or comments can be directed to
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