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Small and Medium Business Security Needs

Business Security Is Not What It Should Be

Recently, the BBC reports, a business survey was completed. This survey was aimed at business security, and its results are discouraging.

Among the issues raised were:

  • Firms are taking too long to apply the latest software updates
  • 96% say that the anti-virus software they are running on their PCs provided adequate protection
  • 30% had no firewall at all
  • 63% did nothing to monitor their networks for potential breeches
  • 26% applied software patches as soon as they became available

The Myths of Computer Security

Anti-Virus Software is Sufficient to Protect Our Network

Although anti-virus software is necessary in any complete security solution, it should be the final gate. A.V. software is not enough to protect networked computers.

We Don't Have Any Information Anyone Would Want

Most of the security compromises are done to gain control of a machine, or a network of machines. Once a machine is compromised it is searched for useful information, and if none is found it is often turned into a launching platform to attack other machines. This hopping strategy helps hackers to cover their tracks.

Our Firewall Will Secure Our Network

The majority of Firewalls are mis-configured. They may keep out some of the older attacks, but can't protect you against some of the newer automated attack programs. Top that off with the need for continual software updates, changing tactics to protect networks and lack of adequate hacker detection. Not only are 90% of corporations being hacked, but most can't even tell its happened.

Software Patches Shouldn't Be Applied Too Quickly

Most predator hackers scan potential victim networks for vulnerabilities before they attempt to break in. That's even the approach that's taken in the movie "The Matrix Reloaded." Running unpatched systems that can be accessed via the Internet is like leaving a welcome mat out for the bad guys. Apply patches as quickly as possible, but be ready to back them out if there are problems.

I Don't Use Microsoft Office

Document macro viruses were all the rage in the mid-90's. Indeed, these macros did cause numerous problems then, and can cause problems now. Many documents created by many pieces of software can still contain macros. It isn't just a Microsoft Office problem.

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