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Following are some of the most popular Computer and Network Security Tips.

Federal Government Building Internet Monitoring Center - In an effort to increase our Homeland Security the Bush administration has been designing and building an Internet monitoring center. Since Internet security is a big problem, the feds have decided that it must be part of their terrain.

Hiring Network Security Professionals - With the high demand for network security professionals, and the drought of experienced candidates, businesses have been willing to settle for less experienced candidates. A number of organizations have assembled training courses and certification exams to help bring novices to a reasonable level of security understanding.

How To Increase Business Computer Security - Troubling headlines surrounding computer security abound. Articles such as Internet Fraud Complaints Tripled, Business Liability For Computer Abuse Up, Millions of Credit Card Numbers Stolen bring nothing but more concern.

How to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet - There are a myriad of risks facing children who use the Internet. Many adults are tricked into revealing personal information to Internet predators. Unfortunately many of these predators prefer children, and kids are often easier to lure than adults.

How To Prevent Online Stalking - According to the the 2000 National Violence Against Women Survey, 8% of women and 2% of men in the U.S. have been stalked at some time in their life to the point where these victims felt a high level of fear. The Privacy Rights Clearing House says that as many as 20% of women and 12% of men will be stalked in their lifetime.

How to Select and Use Personal Firewalls - The Internet term "Firewall" comes from the automotive industry. Cars have firewalls that protect the passenger compartment from possible fires originating in the engine compartment.On the Internet the term applies to hardware or software which protects one or more computers from other computers.

Keeping Business Users (and Businesses) Safe On the Internet - Everyone who uses the Internet faces potential dangers. Workers who use the Internet from their office are presented with some of the same threats everyone faces: hackers, malware, identity theft and even stalkers. But the risks go up from there.

Microsoft Word Security FAQ - Running on 92 percent of all desktop computers, Microsoft Word is the dominant force in word processors. As a popular target for the computer bad guys, it has had a reputation for having numerous security problems.

New Computer Security FAQ - Congratulations! You've got a new computer. Some of the first things you do will either help secure it for years to come, or may cause nothing but grief.

Security Penetration Testing -- Should You Do It? - According to the International Computer Security Association 70 percent of sites with certified commercial Firewalls are still vulnerable to attack due to mis-configuration or improper deployment. On average companies were experiencing 30 attacks each week in the second half of 2002, and that number has increased in 2003.

SMB Getting Proactive About Security - Small- to medium-sized businesses, forever saddled with limited resources, traditionally have reacted to security problems after the fact. While this remains the predominant tactic today, experts say that more SMBs realize the benefits of a more strategic, policy-based approach to security.

The Dangers of P2P File Sharing - As the music industry is fond of saying, "The vast majority of [people] would never shoplift a CD at a record store but think nothing of accessing the same CD for free online." The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has started lawsuits against individuals and businesses over this "sharing" of copyrighted material.

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