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Security Tools

The causes of computer security vulnerabilities start with poor programming and end with poor computer user practices. Even the most security aware computer user can't keep a poorly designed system secure, and the best designed security software can't keep a user from exposing a whole network of computers to intrusion.

According to the International Computer Security Association 70 percent of sites with certified commercial Firewalls are still vulnerable to attack due to mis-configuration or improper deployment. On average companies were experiencing more attacks week to week, year to year.

Numerous tools are available, but where to start?

Keep Your Kids Safe

Here's some things you'll need to help keep your kids safe online.


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File Description Date Uploaded
Electronic Age Safety 2006 Calendar  ·  pdf/2MB A Calendar Giving Monthly Tips About Being Safe Online 11/17/2005
Family Contract for Online Safety  ·  pdf/209kB A Contract Every Member of Your Family Should sign 11/17/2005
Operation Predator  ·  pdf/67kB Quick Summary of the Problem 11/17/2005

Parents' Internet Safety Kit

Finally There's A Way to Get Everything You Need to Protect Your Children on the Internet All In One Place With A 100% No Questions Asked, Success or Your Money Back Guarantee.

As a parent I know that nothing causes more anxiety than wondering if your kids are safe -- particularly while they're on the Internet.

I've compiled some of the most valuable software, information, tips, tricks and secrets into a single value-packed kit. It is a must for every family with children who might venture onto the Internet!

Parent's Internet Safety Kit

Attention Veterans!

Was your information compromised? Do you know? Here are someplaces to get more information on the theft of 26.5 million names from the Veteran's Administration plus 2.2 million active service personnel.

Analyst Says VA Data Loss No Surprise

FBI seeks stolen personal data on 26 million vets

Figures on stolen VA data increased

Veterans pay the price for VA's faulty security

Current Servicemembers Possibly Affected by VA Data Loss

Latest Information on Veterans Affairs Data Security


Receive the most advanced ID theft protection available today at the following pricing level:
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Protect Your Identity.
ID Theft occurs when someone uses your name, address, SSN, bank or credit card account number to commit fraud or other crimes.
Names attached to your profile
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Personal Advocate

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Are you concerned about your business computer and network security? If so let's schedule a free audit of your network and we will tell you what is going on.

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Mainstream Security Services delivers state of the art unified network security consulting, systems and support. Mainstream's systems proactively protect computer networks against both internal and external threats, effectively stopping theft of intellectual property, customer data, and interruptions of business operations.

The Internet and E-mail has made computer networks much more vulnerable to security threats ranging from pranks, to malicious damage, to espionage. Recently, new Industry practices and government regulations, such as HIPAA and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, require certain data to be secured and protected. These factors have caused heightened awareness about computer network security and caused a surge in demand for products to protect enterprises and individuals from these threats and legal liabilities.

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