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How To Increase Business Computer Security

Troubling headlines surrounding computer security abound. Articles such as Internet Fraud Complaints Tripled, Business Liability For Computer Abuse Up, Millions of Credit Card Numbers Stolen bring nothing but more concern.

Due to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and HIPAA Regulations, theft of information from a business can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in time, and 10 years in jail for the business' senior management. In this case a victim, the business whose computers were compromised, gets severely punished.

A lack of computer security can lead to the complete failure of a business. Businesses can lose credibility, lose employee time, lose their business records, or be sued out of business just because they haven't taken adequate steps to protect their networks and data.

What Should A Business Do About Computer Security?

Every business needs to have its own network security plan. Caution -- designing and implementing a business network security plan needs to be done by professionals.


Quality, free anti-virus software can be found from Grisoft. Called AVG Anti-Virus it can keep close tabs on your machine and all of your e-mail and software.

A quality, free firewall can be found from Zone Alarm. The free version is easier to use than the paid-for version. This software can be complicated for a novice user, but should be manageable for most users.

If you can, do avoid the temptation to try and implement security yourself. Even Fortune-10 companies out-source security functions. Hire a competent firm who can get your security online, keep it running, and keep it up to date.

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