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Linux Security Certification Increases

What is Linux?

Linux is a program, called an Operating System, which controls all facets of a computer. It is the program which controls and provides resources to the other programs you run on your computer. For a more complete description of operating systems, go to Webopedia.

Although Linux is solely an operating system, it is typically bundled with various applications and utilities. These bundles are commonly known as Linux Distributions. Although there are many available (see Google's Directory), the most popular are:

With the introduction of Lindows, Linux has moved more into the mainstream. UNIX-like operating systems, of which Linux is one, have long been popular in the server environment. With new, friendlier user interfaces and more applications users need, Linux is now moving more into the desktop arena.

Federal Government Looking for Alternatives to Microsoft

Because of the bad press Microsoft has received over the years for its dismal security record and new Homeland Security initiatives, the US Federal Government has been busy researching alternatives to Windows. Recently it found the SuSE Linux and IBM partnership.

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (CCITSE) has certified Linux as meeting its second level of security ratings. Specifically, SuSE Linux received an EAL2+ Security Certification on an IBM platform. Together the companies paid approximately $500,00 to have the certification performed.

What Does This Mean?

Experts are predicting that this means growth for Linux Distributions in the Government and Business sectors. Knowing that an off-the-shelf version of the Open Source Operating System has reached this industry milestone will help server sales.

Having an inexpensive, user-friendly home version is also helping Linux's rise to fame. A complete computer system can be purchased for under $500 -- including a flat-screen monitor, computer base unit, keyboard, mouse and Lindows software for performing normal household functions. A Web-Attached browser is available for well under $200.

Secure, user-friendly and inexpensive are all elements to continue to drive the Linux world.

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