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How To Help Prevent Online Stalking

According to the the 2000 National Violence Against Women Survey, 8% of women and 2% of men in the U.S. have been stalked at some time in their life to the point where these victims felt a high level of fear. The Privacy Rights Clearing House says that as many as 20% of women and 12% of men will be stalked in their lifetime.

New Hampshire had one of the first nationally publicized where a stalker used the Internet to find out enough about his victim to be able to track her down and kill her. Amy Boyer's assassin killed himself after he shot her to death in the parking lot of her employer. In February of 2003 the New Hampshire Supreme Court found that the online company who helped her stalker find Amy's social security number and her employer's address can be prosecuted.


  • Use prudent network security measures (See below)
  • Don't provide any personal information online
  • Don't use your real name, or any portion thereof, for your screen name
  • Get a Post Office box, and use that whenever possible instead of your home address
  • Have multiple e-mail addresses, and use one exclusively for your family and friends
  • Make sure your phone number is unlisted, and your phone number is blocked
  • Don't use public computers

Quality, free anti-virus software can be found from Grisoft. Called AVG Anti-Virus it can keep close tabs on your machine and all of your e-mail and software.

A quality, free firewall can be found from Zone Alarm. The free version is easier to use than the paid-for version. This software can be complicated for a novice user, but should be manageable for most users.

Business owners and managers face civil and criminal prosecution if any personal information contained on their systems is compromised. Many forms of Malware are designed to help criminals obtain this private information. Follow the steps in the article How To Increase Business Computer Security

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