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Why and How to Eliminate KaZaA

Why Eliminate KaZaA From Your System(s)

KaZaA is a peer to peer network which allows its users to search for and share files. Lately its users, and sometimes the users' parents, have been the target of searches as the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has been searching for and suing those who share copyrighted music.

KaZaA is also known for its Spyware. Spyware is software which allows someone else, in this case the KaZaA network people, to see what you're doing with your computer. Even when you try to uninstall KaZaA, using the uninstall program that is provided with KaZaA, the Spyware does not go away.

KaZaA has also been the subject of numerous hacker attacks. Among them the Fizzer worm, dozens of Trojan programs [harmful programs which appear to be benign], and numerous denial of service attacks.

KaZaA can share any document on your system. Our searches have found Legal Briefs, Patent Applications, Sales Projections and Business Plans. Who needs to break into a business, when all of the information is provided to anyone who looks?

KaZaA can use up all of your available Internet bandwidth. This means that legitimate users of your network connection will not be able to properly use the network.

The Biggest Reason to Remove KaZaA?

The RIAA has filed hundreds of lawsuits against individuals and corporations regarding its allegations of illegal sharing of copyrighted music. On average, defendants have settled for $3,000 plus other costs, far short of the law's provisions for penalties of as much as $150,000 per incident.

The RIAA has sued Grandparents whose grandchildren have used their computer while visiting. Parents whose supervised child has downloaded some music without their knowledge. Corporations whose networks have been used to download music.

You May Have KaZaA and Not Even Know It

How to tell? The simplest way is to check the Start Menu to see if KaZaA is listed under Programs. If it is, or if you have previously tried to install it, follow these instructions:

  • Click the "Start" menu. Select "Control Panel". Select "Add/Remove Programs".
  • Select "KaZaA Media Desktop" in the list of programs.
  • Select "Change/Remove" in the options, and follow the prompts.
  • Download Spyware/Adware removal software, such as Spybot - Search & Destroy 1.2, Spyware Blaster, NoAdWare, SpywareEliminator.
  • Run your Spyware/Adware removal software frequently.
  • If you are a network administrator, make sure you turn off access from your network to these remote services.

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